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What Is Web Development?

Understanding Web Development?

Web Development refers to the coding of HTML, CSS, and a logical language (typically Javascript or PHP) to create a collection of pages that are hosted on the web. In essence, web development is the process of building a website.  The complete process includes web design, content generation, client and server-side development, network configuration, cyber-security, and everything else that goes into making a website perform as good as it looks.

In other words, Web Development encompasses building, and often, maintaining and updating websites to ensure that their functionality, performance, user experience (UX), and speed are optimal.

Kobalt Solutions offers a simple business model that allows for a smooth web development process. Our client’s websites are completely responsive, perform within Google’s User Experience Guidelines, and have stellar on-page Search Engine Optimizations which ensures your website is relevantly ranked for specific keywords. Learn The Web Development Process.

Web Development Information

Web Development Solutions

Web development for Kobalt Solutions

Web Development Process

Learn Kobalt Solution's 5 step Web Development Process.

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Maintenance Packages

Maintaining a website is tedious. Kobalt Solutions offers 3 types of coverage.

Amazing Web Design

Domain & Hosting

We guide you through the process of choosing a domain registrar and hosting provider.

Additional Information

Kobalt Solutions utilizes QuickBooks for payment processing. We send out two links throughout the web development process. The first will be sent after the agreement is signed and requires that 50% is paid upfront before work begins. The second link will be sent after the post website consultation for the remainder.

The Web development Process

5 Step
Web Development Process

Step 1: Initial Consultation Form

It all starts here! Before beginning the consultation we will provide you with an initial consultation form. This form is intended to be completed and emailed back no later than 24 hours before our scheduled consultation. It is a word document asking specific questions regarding the type of website you are looking to have built. The average time frame to complete the form will be around 60 – 90 minutes. It is important to stay engaged and complete the form to the best of your ability. It may be printed and written on or downloaded and electronically filled out, which ever is easier for you! 

Step 2: Consultation

During the Free 30-minute Consultation, we review the initial consultation form and answer any questions that you have. We go into the intricacies of your wants for your website and make sure that we are able to provide it. Once the consultation is completed, we will email you within 24 hours with a basic website quote.

Step 3: Confirm Agreement

If everything looks good on the basic website quote, an official agreement will be emailed over. After carefully reading the agreement it will need to be signed. From there, a QuickBooks link will be emailed over for the initial 50% down payment. As soon as the payment is received, we begin building your website at the agreed upon start date. 

Step 4: Website Build and Revisions

This is the biggest and most important step. During this phase, we will begin designing and building your website. We’ve created checkpoints along the way to make sure the design flow is consisted with what was requested. For example, after the homepage is finished, we will have you review it and see if there are any changes to be made along the way. This process is the same throughout the entire build process ensuring customer satisfaction. Your website will be hosted on a temporary domain and you will be able to see it online at any time. If something needs to be revised we offer two additional hours of work at no charge to make the revisions. Any requested revisions after the two free revision hours will be included in the final invoice.

For additional communication, we offer email support to our clients during working hours. All emails will receive a response within a 24-hour timeframe or less. If a phone call or screencast is requested it will be charged at our consultation rates in 15-minute increments. 

Step 5: Post Consultation

The post-consultation will be conducted after the completion of the website. During this consultation, we will go over everything from login credentials, pages, posts, functionality, security, hosting, and more. Once completed, we will send a secure QuickBooks link over for the remaining balance. 

It is highly recommended that you enroll in the maintenance program. You can think of this as insurance for your website. If anything goes wrong with it we are able to fix it for you, provide backups, add additional security, maintain software updates without conflicting plugins, and more.

3 Website Maintenance Packages

Maintenance Packages

Tailored for you

We Created 3
Maintenance Packages
For all website needs

Kobalt Solutions Maintenance Packages keep websites up to date, secure, and backed up. The maintenance packages are thought of as a type of insurance for your business’s website. If your website begins behaving strangely, we go in and fix it! 

Package prices are reduced for 3 and 6 Month Packages 

What's Included in the Maintenance Packages?

  • Software Updates

    Software Updates to include any WordPress Software, Themes, Plugins, Libraries, Dependencies, and any other supporting software used for the website. This is crucial to keep your website up to date so that hackers can no longer exploit vulnerabilities in older versions of software.

  • Monthly Backups

    Monthly server backup of all your files and databases. Weekly and Business Daily backups are optional and are subject to additional costs.

  • SSL Management

    Secure Sockets Layer Management to make sure your website is displayed on the web only as HTTPS. We create new certificates free of charge for your website while under Kobalt Solutions Maintenance.

  • Fixing Functional Issues

    We fix any of the functional components that are not working correctly.

  • Fixing Cosmetic Issues

    We also fix any of the aesthetic components that do not match the agreed upon design. For new designs or elements, see the Add / Update Website Components below.

  • Add / Update Website Components

    Adding or updating portions of your website are subject to additional cost.

We help with each step

Domain Registrar and Hosting Providers

Domain Registrar

A domain name registrar is a company that manages domain names. To be more specific, they allow a user the ability to reserve and configure the records of domains. While the various domain registrars have different offerings, it may not be apparent to everyone. We guide you through the process of choosing the appropriate domain registrar depending on what you’re trying to have built. 

If choosing a domain name is difficult for you we can give you recommendations. Some things to consider are actually getting one keyword or key phrase into your domain name. For example, if you were a plumber you can choose a name like “www.kobaltplumbing.com”. In addition to that, you can try and target a location. For example, “www.ocplumbers.com”, would be a good domain name for a plumbing company in Orange County.

Hosting Providers

A hosting provider, web host, or web hosting service provider is a business that provides the technology and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed on the internet. This is where all your website files are stored 24/7 so that people can visit your site at any time. Some of the hosting providers that we love working with include: SiteGround and Heroku.

Kobalt Solutions recommends that our clients choose SiteGround hosting unless you need a dynamic IP. In this case, we recommend that you go with Namecheap. SiteGround offers a competitive pricing model, they have extremely quick servers, their customer support is wonderful, free SSL Certifications are included, you can create unlimited emails, along with many more benefits. Their pricing model is located here

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