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Web Development

Here at Kobalt Solutions, we focus on lead-generation and e-commerce web development. Our websites are guaranteed to be fast, secure, responsive, and up-to-date with the latest technologies. We understand that there’s no “one size fits all” website: With 10,000+ different modules in our library, you can rest assured that your website will be as beautiful as it is functional. Boasting a diverse background and extensive toolkit, our team has the ability to implement any service you are looking for in your website. Whether you’re wanting a personal marketing website to a full fledged e-commerce store with heavy site traffic, we’ve got you covered.

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Mobile Development For Kobalt Solutions

Mobile Applications

With much of the modern world relying heavily on smartphones and tablets, mobile apps are more popular than ever. A successful business and a custom mobile app are often intertwined: it seems that many successful business have an app or an app is the cornerstone of their success. Many new startups are even gravitating towards making their presence known through mobile apps, rather than the traditional website route. Whatever the case, our engineers at Kobalt have the skills needed to build a wide variety of custom mobile apps. From a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) to a custom messaging app built from the ground up, we’ve done it all! We offer free 30 minute consultations so don’t be a stranger!

Digital Marketing

It’s difficult getting a product or service out to the market. This is why we and the Small Business Administration recommend that you invest at least 7% of your revenue into digital marketing. If you’re interested in learning more, check out this article Helping Small Businesses. We’re able to deliver you quality leads by creating custom campaigns designed for your industry’s products or services. We also assist with ranking in the top three spots for Google My Business. If your business is interested in growing at a healthy rate and you want to beat out your competition then consult with us today and get the answers you’ve been looking for.
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Search Engine Optimization

It’s safe to say that we’re in the “marketing millennium”. If there’s any doubt check out the iconic deodorant commercials plaguing our tv’s. But how you do market your website? SEO! SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization and it simply is the general marketing strategy to funnel traffic towards your site. Pretty cool, right? We think so, which is why much of what we do here at Kobalt is geared towards SEO. You may have the most beautiful website in the world with functionality that people only dreamed of, but if no one knows it exists – you see where we’re going. You can rest assured knowing that we have the tools and know-how necessary to make your site as well-known as that deodorant!

Software Strategy

Software strategy is just a succinct way of saying that we take our time when it comes to suggesting the best solution for your specific need. We do small reassessments at every major development milestone to ensure that the solution we provide is still the best fit for your goal. Often times we have clients that tell us they’d like to expand their already feature-rich websites. While you can always add to your current website, sometimes it’s smarter to transition to a web application instead. Want to learn more? Schedule a free 30 minute consultation to see how our experts would guide you with your product or updates.
Software Solutions and strategy
Amazing Web Design

Web Design

Need help designing your website? Kobalt Solutions understands the value of having the best web design that looks and feels as great as it performs. We can help you with choosing a layout and design to match your business’ style and flow. According to Google, in 2020, 61% off all web traffic came from mobile devices. With this in mind, we create viewport-optimized, user-friendly websites with a mobile-first approach. But why stop there? We help design and build out every part of your website which helps ensure eye-catching designs that fall within budget.

API Integrations

API stands for Application Programming Interface which is basically something that allows you to interact with data. While we can go into quite some detail about this, we’ll save that for our free 30 minute consultation. For the sake of brevity, much of the SaaS products out there like Stripe, Facebook and Google have public API’s which we can integrate into your website, web app or even mobile app.  Already have a web presence or mobile app but have been looking to add some new features? We can do that too!
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Best Practices

Some companies jump right into development without thinking about the intricacies of how a website or mobile application should be built. Kobalt Solutions takes a different approach. Our lead engineers prefer to take the old school approach by starting with a low fidelity wireframe for everything from a website layout to complex data structures with good ol’ pencil and paper. 

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